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PSIG’s current industry focus lies in food/beverage, automotive and real estate development.
The company’s first major venture was in the import of cars and spare parts, which has grown into one of the largest automotive part manufacturing groups
in the Middle East. Alongside this PSIG became active in real estate development, successfully executing real estate and development projects across the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
In the late 90s PSIG started its first major investment in nutritional food products, setting up the first infant formula baby food plant in the Middle East.
In 2008 Danone Group bought a majority stake in the company, which resulted in the creation of “Danone Multi Nutrition”, the leading company of its kind in the Middle East.
A further milestone of PSIG’s “Food & Beverages” division was set by the foundation of “Multicafé”, the largest producer of instant coffee in the Middle East.

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